Tax Credit Investing For Developers

AURA's Community Investments Group  originates equity investments with experienced developers who build quality affordable housing communities nationwide. The Community Investments Group invests in low-income housing and historic tax credit partnerships, with both for-profit and non-profit sponsors. We look for development partners who have histories of success and are dedicated to building long-term, high-quality affordable housing. Each development goes through a single Investment Committee review and one underwriting, and we work with well-informed and experienced counsel to ensure a timely closing. We have the ability to customize our equity funding schedules to meet the needs of each project.  

Benefits of AURA's Community Investments Group:

  • Professional staff with backgrounds in community development, finance, property management, and tax issue
  • Streamlined closings with one Investment Committee review and one dedicated team
  • Experienced Asset Managers that are a resource rather than a roadblock
  • Creative solutions to complex problems
  • Ability to invest in tax credit partnerships in virtually every geographic market
  • Consistently honored commitments through down real estate market cycle

Initial Developer Information Request:

  • Financial Statements (3 previous years)
  • Tax Returns
  • Real Estate Owned Schedule
  • Resumes for the Development Team
  • Summary of Previous Related Experience
  • Organization Chart

Initial Project Information Requirements:

  • Project Description
    • Strengths of the market, real estate, and the development team  
      • Detailed Sources & Uses  
      • Pro-forma Operating Statement  
      • Anticipated Basis, Anticipated Allocation
    • Qualified Census Tracts (QCT) or Difficult Development Areas DDA  
    • Construction Start and Completion
    • Lease-up Start and Completion
    • Stabilization
    • Conversion
    • Receipt of 8609s
  • Projected Funding Schedule
  • Tax Credit Application, Reservation, or Allocation (as available)
  • Market Study/Appraisal (as available)
  • Developer Intake Form

(Please complete and email to a team member found in Contacts, or contact a team member for .xls format)  

The amount of time spent in each stage varies based on the complexity of the transaction and the cooperation of all parties.

Key Facts:


Lower Tier Committed Capital

350+ Partnerships

Across the Continental US /Hawaii and all three territories

76,000+ Units

Investing in Family and Senior Projects

As of 06/30/2017

Christoph Gabler

Co-Head of Real Estate, AURA

“In Community Investments we take pride in being able to offer our developer partners surety of execution while simultaneously offering our investor partners an alignment of interest. By directly linking the success of both our investors and developers we believe AURA’s platform is robust and comprehensive.”

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