Special Servicing for CMBS Investors

AURA's Special Servicing platform provides expertise in special servicing of commercial mortgage loans for CMBS investors. Historically, investors seeking lower fees, better results, and far better client service, have exercised their controlling note-holder rights to replace the existing special servicer and selected AURA to benefit from our workout expertise. Due to our continued focus on maximizing recoveries through the toughest economic cycles, Fitch Ratings* upgraded AURA to CSS2 (as of November 2016). Our Special Servicing team has been rated by Standard & Poor's* since 1995 and is currently named special servicer on several loans for CMBS investors.

  • Competitive Fees – Our Special Servicing for CMBS investors is client focused providing a boutique approach backed by institutional resources at competitive fees and/or shared fee arrangements. We advocate consensus with our client and the size and complexity of the loan should dictate appropriate special servicing fees.
  • Experience – Our Special Servicing gives investors access to a seasoned team of senior managers and professionals with experience through several economic cycles. Our special servicing unit was established in 1991 to handle distressed debt and real estate owned assets as a result of the collapse of the savings and loan industry. We have a track record of successfully resolving troubled loans and procuring recoveries for our clients' portfolios.
  • Institutional Resources - We continue to leverage our multi-disciplined real estate capabilities of special servicing, asset management, underwriting, and legal counsel within the organization by offering commercial mortgage loan and real estate equity services on a complete life-cycle basis or by offering customized services.
  • Boutique Approach – We are selective in accepting assignments in order to maintain the highest level of client attentiveness and a low assets-to-asset manager ratio. Collaboration and communication ensures that our client's input and insights are considered in development of our strategies.
*Rating agency ratings do not reflect favorable client experience or ignore unfavorable client experiences.  These ratings are not indicative of future performance.  See the rating agency's websites for more information on their rating criteria. Information regarding Standard & Poor’s rating systems and criteria is available at standardandpoors.com. Information regarding Fitch's rating systems and criteria is available at fitchratings.com.  
Aegon USA Realty Advisors, LLC (“AURA”), an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Aegon N.V., is a U.S.-based investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and part of Aegon Asset Management, the global investment management brand of Aegon Group.