For Developers

Aegon USA Realty Advisors, LLC's Community Investments Group (AURA) invests with for-profit and non-profit sponsors in low-income housing tax credit partnerships that own affordable housing projects. The Group:

  • Establishes partnerships with proven developers who are dedicated to building long-term, high-quality affordable housing
  • Customizes pricing and pay-in schedules to meet the needs of each individual development

AURA has been investing in tax credit partnerships since 1987. We have in-depth knowledge of affordable housing development and finance, which allows our staff to provide insight and expertise on the structure of any tax credit development. We have invested in over 290 partnerships and deployed over $3 billion in capital, on behalf of affiliated and non-affiliated investors, to affordable housing projects nationwide which has helped to create more than 110,000 units of housing. We are proud to have many repeat clients and a reputation for integrity, responsiveness and timely execution.

AURA invests directly and on behalf of third-party investors in low-income housing tax credit partnerships, with for-profit and non-profit sponsors. Each development goes through a single Investment Committee review and one underwriting process. A dedicated team works with each client throughout the closing process to ensure efficient and timely closing. We work with LIHTC knowledgeable counsel to effect a timely closing.

Christoph Gabler

Executive Vice President, AURA

“In Community Investments we take pride in being able to offer our developer partners surety of execution while simultaneously offering our investor partners an alignment of interest. By directly linking the success of both our investors and developers we believe AURA’s platform is robust and comprehensive.”

Aegon USA Realty Advisors, LLC (AURA) is a U.S.-based real estate asset manager and a member company of Aegon Asset Management, the global investment management division of the Aegon Group. AURA is not a registered investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission.