Real Estate Debt

AURA provides our institutional clients with exceptional service and continuous communication from a dedicated Relationship Management Team that is committed to our customer relationships. Our comprehensive commercial mortgage loan and capital markets groups offer our clients a local presence for commercial mortgages, B-Notes and mezzanine financing opportunities throughout the United States, as well as access to an established Borrower relationship platform. Over the years, our real estate debt platform has maintained success through our commitment to our clients and our ability to offer an assortment of real estate debt products. 

Commercial Mortgage Loans

  • Strong track record of providing significant relative value through the origination and management of high quality commercial mortgage loans
  • Unique origination and underwriting process which includes the use of our in-house valuation, legal, engineering, and research teams
  • Commercial mortgage investment opportunities available on all major property types (office, retail, industrial and multifamily), across all markets in the United States, with an assortment of loan sizes and risk preferences
  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities – tailored reporting and web-based client specific access to portfolio and loan level information through an on-line portal
  • Highly S&P rating Servicing and Special Servicing platforms capable of managing loans through any scenario

Capital Markets

AURA sources, underwrites and manages mezzanine debt, B-notes and higher yielding first mortgages on commercial real estate for non-affiliated clients. Clients gain access to our entire high yield platform, which includes our legal, valuation, engineering and research teams, while having the advantage of tailoring a lending program specific to duration, risk and return preferences. We exercise delegated discretion within client established guidelines and apply a standard of care commensurate with that used for all clients. Clients receive customized reporting and continuous communication to facilitate transparency and understanding.

Separate Accounts

AURA provides institutional clients full access to our entire commercial real estate debt platform. We source, underwrite and service commercial mortgage loans based on the client's own lending program tailored to meet its specfic objectives and risk tolerance. Our Relationship Management Team provides constant communication and full advisory services, and clients receive customized reporting and access to all portfolio and loan level information through our web portal.

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Executive Vice President, AURA

“AURA’s comprehensive market coverage and deep relationship base enables our group to create value by investing in core mortgages on all traditional property types. Our clients enjoy complete access to this robust pipeline of relative value opportunities.”

Aegon USA Realty Advisors, LLC (AURA) is a U.S.-based real estate asset manager and a member company of Aegon Asset Management, the global investment management division of the Aegon Group. AURA is not a registered investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission.